Medical Marijuana and Glaucoma

Glaucoma is an eye condition that can result in blindness eventually. Of the 4,000,000 Americans, up to 1/2 of them are estimated to have some sort of glaucoma.

Glaucoma is the second leading cause of blindness based on the World Health Organization. This statistic leaps to number one amongst African Americans.


Most people with glaucoma know that seniors are particularly vulnerable, but no alert is possible for someone of any age. Some studies suggest that glaucoma may be inherited, but science does not know exactly what causes glaucoma to develop.


In combination with other drugs, medical marijuana has been shown to alleviate vision degeneration caused by glaucoma. Face pressure is typically one of the causes of glaucoma. Because of some of its intra-ocular pressure control chemicals, widely known as IOP, medical marijuana is of value by nearly 25%.


Others claim that if you compare the dangerous side effects of marijuana it is negligible, but that statement is quite partial and without any real evidence. While marijuana can cause high cardiac risk to some elderly patients, with routine medicinal use of marijuana, many report only little-to-no side effects at all. This is far from the pages of possible side effects and horror storeys that also go with the mildest of counter medicines.


In glaucoma therapy, marijuana is not all a miracle remedy. Other remedies and medicines, including drops which further reduce eye pressure by other means and dilation, are found-and must exist. Unfortunately, all of these approaches can be effected over time, and since no proven treatment for glaucoma is currently available, alternative drugs are not only better but also essential to treat them.


Researchers are working hard to build a method for the delivery of glaucoma patients that allows them to benefit from medical marijuana without having to smoke it. Alternative medicinal marijuana delivery methods have proved to be less efficacious than inhalation, or maybe even limited doses of ingestion.

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It is strongly suggested that, every additional year, a practitioner conduct regular eye checks after the age of forty. The risk of late stage glaucoma affecting vision is drastically decreased.

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