Challenges of the Legal Services Act

The imminent implementation of the Legal Services Act poses many challenges for high street companies as they encourage companies in the so-called Alternative Business Framework (ABS) to offer legal services besides the applicants. In other words , individuals should go to an ABS for different legal facilities, such as transportation and research. Back in competition with traditional high road solicitor trades, companies such as Co op, Saga and AA have already grown into ABSs.

The dilemma for a large majority of the practice of lawyers is that large firms would clearly benefit from the high road law practice which used to dot every high street. A famous ‘name’ would be custom made regardless of the nature of its legal service solely because of its status elsewhere. They also profit from the economies of scale so that smaller highway applicants can weaken their prices and make an aggressive publicity because they realise that their smaller competitors can not compete. They also have the advantage of ease. Why go to a lawyer when you can get a written item during the weekly shop? A Yougov survey reveals that 60% of those surveyed will purchase legal services from a well-known supermarket brand rather than from a local lawyer. This will make the future very boring for the traditional practice of highway solicitors. You must only look down the highway to see the shortage of independent stores since large multinational labels are priced. The legal profession would pursue a similar path by visiting similar brand names for legal services.


Critics argue even more worryingly that the independence of the profession would be affected. Requestors also work in small, independent partnerships to deliver high-quality legal services that create client trust , loyalty, and customer recommendations. Nonetheless, the outlook shifts drastically in a big retailer with interests in many fields. Solicitors are responsible for their personal records obtained through their services and are responsible to them for their work. Larger retailers actually do not have the degree of responsibility exactly the same; if an error is made, this has no national effect on the company. With big businesses, they will also feel like uncomplicated stuff to go hard, leaving their highway rivals with riskier and more expensive jobs.

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Why pick a top road company if an ABS can provide routine legal services without what may seem like a heavy price tag? First of all, there is a special partnership between service and customer; the lawyer is able to develop a solid bond with customer over a period of many years and thereby better understand the demands of all circumstances. In law, due to the variety of circumstances, not every model (the likely solution of the likes of AA and Co) can really fit into a good one format format. A top-of-the-range service officer will give you an approach customized to suit your needs rather than a mass-produced commodity. Instead of an attorney leading a large number of paragliders or even unqualified attorneys, most companies are run by a group of professional professionals to provide quality services. Simply put, highway companies have consistency over quantity. The practitioners must uphold their standards in order to secure their future high street law firms.


It is true that highway companies have to change to get the chance to compete with big companies. The single practitioner’s days would however vanish. For smaller companies to thrive, it can only combine with other professional services, such as accounts, IFA and all enterprises under one roof. Regardless of what they do, the road applicants must prove that they are as open and accessible as the key brands. In the end, it’s a service to get legal advice: the standard that you get pays for. It is a vital decision to buy a house or even to determine who inherits the worldly goods. Why cut corners to save a few pounds if a quality private service is waiting to help in the vicinity?

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