How to Stop Smoking Cannabis – Understand Your Addiction

Cannabis also known as hemp, weed, pot or perhaps a thousand other names, this particular medical substance tends to be particularly vulnerable to many people who battle to avoid cannabis use. It depends on an awareness of marijuana and its effects on your body and head how you can avoid the use of cannabis in this case. Only then can you feel the benefits of stopping smoking marijuana and learn to keep away from weeds without falling back on your addiction.

We first need to recognize that many myths are being conveyed about cannabis addiction that lead to people wanting to smoke pots wrongly and that can also lead to the notion of addiction that is helpless to anyone concerned being mocked by pro-marijuana users.

Many studies indicate that smokers don’t like smoking, where chemical (Nicotine) substances make you really decide the narcotics when you’re starving you suffer from hunger, which drives you to smoke again to be devoid of the effects. Cannabis is not physically addictive This does not mean to quit smoking cannabis, but they generally are of a different nature.


Withdrawals of cannabis

Smoking weeds are common to patients with cannabis withdrawals, but all physical cravings are mild, but they can include:


Vivid dreams – I’m uncertain what triggers these, but many people get their dreams very vividly and even fearsome. It may have anything to do with the chemical THC that has stayed in the programme over the weeks since you left and how it communicates with your mind.

Anxiety – anxiety and fear may be intensified when the chemical materials are working from your system.

Sleeplessness – Some people said that it’s hard to sleep, which could re-adjust the body once more.

These signs pass over time and are nothing like cigarettes’ bad effects; the true cravings are the emotional dependency on the medication that does not even require it!

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Dependence on Psychology

There is a mental dependency when you think that you have to smoke weed in seals, bongs, or maybe because you feel like you want it. It becomes overwhelming and often you do not understand why you feel like you must fume, but for many people it has been the practice of smoking to avoid something in your own life. You may be a victim of smoking marijuana because you need to escape your own reality, as well as your high levels, from escape from violence, mental illness, poverty, depression or even simply from being bored and unmotivated. But the cure is not long lasting, and continuing smoking also exacerbates this and does not fix anything that leads to a spiralling depression, frustration and a deeper reliance on cannabis to cope with it all.


Then how do you quit tobacco smoking? The first step is to learn what you only hear and to figure out why you plan to use marijuana. You can only take steps from here to stop the drug and reap the benefits of clearing your mind and changing more money for more hours in your life and stuff to make it work!

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