The Role of Body Composition in Weight Loss and Weight Regain

Something unusual occurs when you start a weight loss diet. Your whole body is not ready to throw out its fat entirely. You start losing lean tissues, such as muscle and bone density. instead.

In the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition in May 2002, a research study conducted in Denmark found that males died below 60% losing weight to be obese. The other fabrics were lean. Around 20,4 per cent of the pounds they put back on was lean tissues as males recovered weight – more than 75% of the weight recovered after loss of weight was much fatter. This ensures that the thin tissues of the body are eventually replaced with fat for the people who yo yo diet – who live in the loop of pounds being drained and put it on again.


The same study has shown that the picture is worse for women in reality! The weight loss was 35% lean tissue during the diet – for men, at first. But only 15 percent of lean tissue was recovered by weight. The lean tissue had not been restored enough when females lost, and the weight recovered was eighty-five per cent obese!


Then your body make up harmed, as well as your total well being, from weight loss, the loss diets do harm to your total health! Despite the fact that scientists announced it in 2002, this took us up to 2011. Since then, well known marketed diets have struggled consistently and the very same problems continue to persist.


Looking at the issue of just how necessary the body is to avoid weight recovery a little deeper, the truth is obvious – the vast majority of people who are purposely losing weight have put the problem back on track! It doesn’t matter how much weight is lost, analysis shows that in five years a total of 95% of the weight will be reassigned. The same research reinforces the weight of the body. And what’s happening?


The core of this dilemma is that lean tissue cells and fat cells operate in the body in different ways.


Each cell inside your body plays a specific role, and it is programmed to operate on nerve calls, brain cells, heart cells, skin cells, even fat cells. We don’t have all these roles to understand – we only have 2 things to understand. Lean cellular tissue is burning fat — the calories are used in food we eat. Fat cells store energy – none of the calories we consume is consumed. And so the fewer lean mass cells we have the less calories our bodies can burn until they are saved as corporeal fat.

Let’s make math a simple bit! Imagine a body that needs two thousand calories to run one day. Take some slim tissue by diet, and at the end of the diet the body will need to work with less than 2000 calories one day as there is much less burning energy cells. The body can’t use as many calories as before the fat reduction diet if it takes a similar eating pattern like before the diet and must retain the excess as fat. Hey, quickly, the body is taking on even more fat if a weight loss campaign finishes and regular meals are resumed!


Aware of this it is vital – both during and after the weight loss programme.


You are able to ensure that your body composition is not affected by a weight loss programme which preserves your lean tissues. You ensure that your cells retain the ability to burn calories into your food, by preserving lean tissues throughout the course of the weight loss. When your goal weight is met, your body always needs almost the same number of calories later as before the weight loss programme.


Have you ever followed a diet just as it seems like you lose weight slower and harder as you go? This could mean that you’re losing a large amount of lean tissue. When you stick to your regimen, your body can handle less and less calories until dieting begins to grind and stop and reverse! Your body can only slowly spill out the real fat – the earlier you lose weight, the easier you lose lean tissue instead of the fat! To breach this weight loss period and recover, you clearly have to stay away from unhealthy plans that promise quick and massive weight loss. During your weight loss programme, do not practice discernment and you will later pay the price of lbs of fat!

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You always have to know the food types you are eating, but you can get a lot more from it when you hit your target weight! With a good awareness of which nutrients slow down the velocity of calories released into the body, the power of all calories can be continually used for fuel by the magnetic tissue cells until it is re-labeled as fat.


There are many factors involved in healthy loss and healthy recovery of weight. In short, the number of calories is not the only factor that must be taken into account: it is important to maintain or even encourage health by cutting weight from these calories.

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