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Must-Use Instagram Tools

With over 150 million users and seventeen million photos posted, Instagram is a highly successful picture sharing site today. In addition to corporate organisations, business owners, it has not only attracted individual customers, but also made advertisers reconsider their strategies.

Google Trends have contributed to a massive rise in the number of search engines for Instagram, a trend that is expected to continue this year.


It may be enough for many of you to post images on Instagram but you can find instruments you can use to draw more people and turn them into your customers. Static.


This web-based administration tool provides numerous functionalities that allow users to interact better with various Instagram details.


A viewer enables you and the people linked to you to see feed from yours, add or potentially delete new followers, or even do other activities on images/videos like the liking, sharing, commenting or reposting of images/videos.


The Statistics section allows you to see data on the most frequently used material, as well as how many followers your content is interested.


Instagram users can promote their accounts even to non-users of the site with the Promoting feature. It helps users not to access and comment on Facebook images. In addition, a Statig.ram app is available to view photos on its own tab or maybe create an image gallery that can be embedded in a blog or web.

Meanwhile the management function allows users to engage in different articles on the website with the latest comments.




Repost is an application for mobile devices suitable for Ios and Android. It allows users to repost their contents and like images and comment on them.


The advantage of this device is that it gives the person who posted the image the complete attribution. In fact, this section can be modified as if you can put the attribution and if the context to this attribution will be darkened and lightened.




You can do so on Instagram by means of the Post so tool if you feel that scheduling posts can be made on Facebook and through third party applications.


The trend of uploading new images on the website is mainly in Instagram users. But you can still share your other images in a later period and you can do so via Post so.


Only connect your Instagram account with Post so after login to use it. It can also be linked to your Twitter and Facebook account.


You may then decide the time you want to view those images on your Instagram account after uploading, providing your photos in sub-titles and adding a location if you want. The time is in increments of 30 minutes.

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Square of Iconos


This Web interface is very popular with some useful features for Instagram. It displays a private photo viewer that enables you to like, comment and share images on different websites in social media.


Iconosquare also includes a statistics tab showing the details and behaviour of a user for each exercise over the last 7 days. It also provides monthly statistics on the amount of posted images, the commitment and the density if you post along through the use of tags, philtres and geolocation.


The interaction, group analysis and optimization portion are further features of this device.