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It is necessary first to be registered with the Dental Board of Australia to work as a dentist in Australia. You can find different choices for this:

1. Australia-trained dentists require a dental degree academic education. It can take up to five years in relation to the university.


2. There are basically three ways to get registration with the Board if you are a dentist already qualified abroad:


a. Enrollment and previous learning in an Australian Dental School


b. The degree will automatically be recognized in some circumstances.


c. The ADC analysis was successful.


Overseas degree automatic recognition


You would be eligible to enroll in Australia if you have a degree from the United Kingdom, Ireland or even Canada. If so, go to the official website of the Australian Dental Council for more information. There are some ways in which you can speed up the process.


Dental diplomas earned in different countries


You would have to undergo and pass the ADC review in this specific case. Different phases of the exam are available:


1. Second, you must apply in order to decide if you can take the test.


2. If the ADC sees fit, then you can simply take the very first stage: an English test.


3. Next is the preliminary evaluation, a written evaluation.


4. Finally , the last stage of being recognized in Australia is a practical test given that you have passed all the examinations listed above.

Every step of the examination is complicated and dentists trained outside Germany should work hard to obtain the best training possible. Many examples of questions and guides are available, but honestly there is no well organised information source or web. Whenever you attempt to receive information from these pages, you become more frustrated than when you began, so instead of concentrating on the test you spend your time trying to find out what the exam is all about.


What is ADC? What is ADC?


The Australian Dental Council (ADC) is a competent organisation established both by the Australian Dental Association and the Territory and State Dental Commissions in 1993. The key roles are:


1. Advising and recommending courses to the accreditation of Australian dental schools for dental qualifications.


2. Test the suitability of individuals with international dental qualifications for practice in Australia.


Structure of ADC Exam




This is another step in the evaluation process. This examination has been designed to test your knowledge of dentistry science. This, however, is planned by the ADC and carried out by the Australian Pharmacy Council (A Pharmacy Council). In this particular exam, the important aspects are:


1. The test is only held twice a year. In general, the very first session will take place in the very first week of March and you will have to submit your application before one December should you apply for the first session. Generally speaking, the next session will be in the first week of applications and on 1 June in September. Like the OET, this test takes place around the globe in many places. For this detail , please keep in touch with the ADC right.


2. This review consists of two papers, a multiple selection and a short answer section.


3. Usually, the test takes 2 days, naturally two days and usually on Friday and Thursday. On Thursday, you can take the first part of the questionnaire for multiple choices, followed by the short answer question paper. On Friday, the next part of the MCQ exam is only required.


Examination clinical


Only two times a year, often in July and November, this test takes place in Australia. The amount of applications and clinical sites that are available truly depends a lot.


You need to take the preliminary test and still get a clear certificate from the OET in order to be prepared to take this exam (remember this only takes 2 years). You will be assigned a venue along with a date for the examination after you are admitted to undertake the final exam.

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This study lasts six days. Before the test there is a scheme that helps you to familiarize yourself with local dental equipment and procedures. The test addresses the following medical topics:


1. Pediatric and operative dentistry, conservative dentistry.


2. Planning of treatment including prosthodontics and periodontics.


3. Oral, radiological, and diagnostic surgery.


Many tools are available to enable people to successfully pass this test. I hope this article clarifies your concerns and motivates you to review your degree.


Good fortune and joy

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