Medical Marijuana Use and Child Custody

Of the 16 states where medical marijuana is legal, only 3 have special statutory protection for patients who are engaged in child custody proceedings.

Patients in custody conflicts with legal protection for medical marijuana

The legal code of Arizona, Maines and Michigans all states that people involved in child custody can not be denied custody or visitation because of the prescription use of theirs, as long as their conduct is not unreasonably dangerous, as long as their acts are not unreasonably dangerous. This is a very subjective standard, though, but it does provide a little insurance against the harm against medical marijuana that still exists.


Cases of child custody

Although the legislation does not specifically safeguard children’s custody litigants, the court of appeal has ruled in Colorado that visits by the parent to their children should not be removed solely because of prescription of marijuana. Yet, due to the use of medical marijuana and also to the marijuana plants it legally grows at its building, a Washington State Court has revoked the visiting rights of a man who is a custodial party. This male had restricted, supervised and access to his children, although no evidence of abuse or negligence was identified.

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Trends in child custody court


However, some judges still respond to marijuana prescribed as being illegal and illegal. It is not apparent in the event that the need and the consequences of the drug are not recognized in the court of law or even whether the drug use is immediately equated with a reduced custody standard in the family courts.


Custody Patient suggestions for the management of medical marijuana


As medicine, treat your weed. Keep it labelled and incorporate other medicines.


If you make marijuana food, make sure it’s clearly labelled and held away from the food of the kids.


Keep a magazine any time you take marijuana and interact with your children.

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