5 Tips for Surviving International School Job Fairs

International school workshops are maybe a tricky experience, but they are an excellent way to integrate into the search of an abroad teaching career. There are some reports from all foreign teachers about their encounters at those work fairs.

Today I shared a fair work storey with a colleague and was surprised to take him throughout. He almost chose the job he is currently enjoying in Thailand which would have cost him.


We spoke about the initial work fair session – the registration. Schools are situated in one or maybe 2 rooms at the site with a desk during the registration session. Teachers come and interview the schools they are involved in too. This may be an actual bovine market for pushing and firing depending on which work fair you attend. It will require waiting in line at least.

Initially, my colleague did not have to stand in any lines, so only schools with short ones were approached. Our new employer’s line was one of the longest and put it away at home. After reading some of the literature the school had with them for potential teachers, he decided finally to follow this line. He almost gave up and left over and over but did not for twenty-five minutes of waiting. That’s just too because the role he holds at the moment is one that really suits him and he likes to live and work in Thailand.


With a strategy I approach the registration session. I have already prepared several copies of my application kit and I use the time on the line with insider knowledge on the roles and schools to speak to the teachers around me.


What is your plan? What is your plan?


Check the website of the organizer of the international teaching fair the evening before applying for vacancy changes. International vacancies at schools are flexible and can change every day, particularly after the job fairs commence. When you sign up take a current list of schools with acceptable vacancies with you. This will allow you to line up in those lines that are probably the best result for you.


Just before attending the enrollment, look at the International School pages. Both in the city center or in the suburbs, what additional curriculum activities they provide what accreditation they have, look at school sites and find out what courses, whether they are feasible. This will help you decide whether you would probably be a good employer.


Take extra copies for school recruiters of your application kit. The ticket to interviews is your application kit. You must have emailed your application package to attending schools that have relevant holidays before the opening of the work fair, if you follow the methods that I include in the Full Manual for Securing Job at an International School. In

Additionally take copies of the work display, and particularly of the registration session, with you to offer schools, which suddenly leave you vacancies.

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Be prepared to talk to the recruiters of the International School. If you go to a job fair, note that a long line of teachers could mean a school, and the other way around. To help you determine if you stand waiting in line, go to the front of the series to see if there is any literature on the table you can pick and read.


Take advantage of your valuable time to collect data. These teaching jobs are attended by international school teachers and are a vital resource for information. Take advantage of your valuable time waiting to talk to recruiters, to gain information on different colleges, requirements and services. Ask all your questions as they are the most insightful source you can find and while you are all in line, what else can you do?

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