Good Omega Fatty Acids – What Makes These Fatty Acids Good For Your Health & Heart?

Omega-3 is a significant component of the many fatty acids (EFA). Certain acids are vital to the body but cannot be created from the food you eat by the body itself. This EFA is abundant in oily fish such as salmon, tuna, mackerel, marine life, other species like krill and algas, and nuts. The acids may also be called polyunsaturated fatty acids, by another name.

In brain performance and in the body growth and development, osega-3 essential acid fats, particularly human brain, are of extreme importance. In fact, the American Heart Association recommends that we eat at least twice a week with the EFA. Lake trout, albacore, sardines, tuna and herring are all healthy fish. Pregnant and nursing women are advised to include a variety of forms of fish in their diet to promote the growth of mind and vision of their babies.

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Clinical evidence indicates that omega 3 is very beneficial to treat a variety of health problems, including: omega 3 omega 3:


1. Reduction of high-cholesterol

2. Hypertension is decreased

3. Heart problems are stopped

4. Cases of diabetes are reduced

5. Loss of weight is probable


Only by analyzing these advantages may you already conclude that these EFAs are helpful to maintain a high degree of heart and well being. Omega Three essential fatty acids can be eaten as flax seed, krill oils, fish oils, flax seed oil and many more as a complement to fish oil. These sources of energy must be kept cold. Always make sure you purchase supplements from existing companies that are accredited to provide these kinds of items when you take supplements.

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Precautions must also be taken when certain items are taken. Potential side effects can be found with supplements or even drugs. People who bruise should speak easily before taking this specific form of EFA with their doctor. Excessive quantities of polyunsaturated fats can cause bleeding, hemorrhagic stroke and artery ruptures.


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