The Pakistan Defeat – The Surrender in the East

General Yahiya Khan was Pakistan ‘s President in 1971 as military dictator. The person who had to step down had taken over from Ayub Khan. However, Yahiya Khan was struggling. East Pakistan was elected to ninety-nine per cent of Pakistan’s car seats by Sheik Mujibar Rehman and his Awami Party with the result that the Awami League became Pakistan’s main party and was to be called up to form the Rawalpindi government.

This anathema was issued by ZA Bhutto to West Pakistan politicians who advocated the final results. Yahiya, who was egged by Bhutto, was unable to take a decision and ordered an assault on the Awami League and the politicians in East Pakistan in view of civil disobeying in Pakistan. Shiekh Muhibar was arrested in a fierce conviction that the Bengalis are a major attack on leadership of the East Pakistani political parties and taken to West Pakistan and Pakistan’s army.

The end result of the systematic rape and murder by the Pak army was catastrophic. They target the Hindu community in particular and have fled to India for over 10 million people. It was planned to restore demographic balance with Western Pakistan. However, all of these deceived movements and the Mukti Bahini-led resistance movement evolved with Indian active support.


Indian Premier Indira Gandhi, after a miscarried PAF air raid on the Indian air bases in the Western area, took advantage of this situation and ordered, like a shrewd king, the Indian army to East Pakistan. Why Pakistan launched a Western attack would remain a mystery, but they may have hoped to open a Western front to relieve the burden they had on their Eastern troops.


The East command led to an eastern invasion of East Pakistan in 3 phases, under Gen JS aurora. The strategy of the Indians was plain. They just circumvented the strong guard of the principal cities and converged on the capital, Dacca. The PAF (in any case the PAF only had a squadron or probably two in Eastern Pakistan) was neutralized by aviation forces. There was a para drop near Dacca which soon lost the will to fight to the Pakistani army. This was the critical step of the war, while Gen Niazi, GOC, lost nerve in C East Pakistan . In addition, unfailing environmental propaganda, promising leaflets of honorable treatment, also undermined the Pakistani troops. This contributed to the loss of the war in the brain and also to the simple loss of the vaunted Pakistani military.

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The Pakistan army surrendered and 93,000 soldiers captivated in an early campaign lasting just thirteen days. In retrospect ZA Bhutto who edged Gen Yahiya Khan to assault India in addition to the arrest of Sheik Mujib was the villain of this episode. But the unfortunate part of this is that only the same male came to his end as the criminal, whom then-Pakistan ‘s GeneralZia ul haq hanged many years later.


Everything that has been said and done is to pinch Pakistan ‘s army in East Pakistan for many years to come. Perhaps you will never forget it and may be one of the reasons for your hostile attitude in the west. However, it can not be written again or the events recreated, and so for decades to come, the loss of the Muslim military in Pakistan will squeeze it. East Pakistan ‘s release will remain an enormous victory for Indian arms.